Brackets for Good Tournament

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Brackets for Good Tournament

We are still in it!
The Brackets for Good Tournament

We made it to Round 3!!!

The Earthlinks’ community is competing in the
Brackets For Good Tournament
and we are bringing our A-game!

What is Brackets for Good?


Think of the March Madness basketball tournament with non-profits that compete.
Non-profits get donations for their work and contribute to their communities round after round.
Each point equals a dollar which is why we need you all to be a team player.

It was a competitive match up for EarthLinks against the Morgan Adams Foundation. We finished strong in the last hour! We scored a total of 865 points and Morgan Adams finished with 406 points. We are now in Round 3 or in other words in the “Supported 16 Round”!
Round 3 will go on until this Friday 3/17 at 8:00 pm. Our match up this week is Open World Learning(O.W.L), and we currently hold the lead 91 points to 0.Be sure to check our match up with them occasionally, and our social media to share and engage with!
The non-profit that wins the tournament is granted a $10,000 gift towards their cause.
Watch our team spirit and how we use those points to better our com

Tournament Round 3 ends on Friday 3/17 at 8 pm!
Get your points for good!

Help Earthlinks score those baskets!