Coast to Coast

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Coast to Coast

Hey there I’m Priscilla. It’s unreal how much I’ve accomplished in the few years I’ve been at Earthlinks. I’m not saying that I’m surprised at how much I’ve achieved, being awesome is just part of the package. I  think being in a community like Earthlinks makes you want to achieve more, strive for more out of life. That’s the incredible thing  when you’re around people who support and believe in you; the things you can do are endless.

I was 17 when I first took off from home with a biker guy to travel cross-country. We went from my hometown Spokane, Washington, and spent  about 2 years on the road. We went through Missouri, Kansas, and then finally Colorado. We ended up at his aunt’s house because I demanded he take me home; let’s just say he wasn’t the nicest guy to me. I was 41 years old when I made the decision to leave Washington again. In those 20 or so years , I was married for 18 years with 3 children. The end of my marriage was  mutual,  and I was so fortunate to have my children in my life, but it was time for a change and I knew that.

I spent the next chapter of life in Oregon. I lived about 40 minutes north of Portland, and was there for a couple years. I had a falling out with a guy I was seeing, and eventually fell into substance abuse. What got me into a recovery program was a charge for possession of drug paraphernalia, which wasn’t mine, but who was going to believe me? They found it under the passenger’s seat, like I could have ever known it was there truthfully I’m glad I didn’t know it was there.

I met my current partner in that recovery program; life can be pretty funny like that. For the second time in my life, I traveled cross-country with my partner, but this wasn’t  just another guy. This time it was different: I mean he hates hot sauce on his food as much as I do and loves ABBA records. We went from San Francisco to his hometown in New Jersey. Being homeless we had to be creative on how to save up enough for our next Greyhound ticket so we could make our way to the next city. We would end up seeing Florida and Texas together. We were going to go to San Diego, but when you run out of money you pick the city you can afford to live in, and so I’ve been in Denver ever since. After getting into Denver in 2008, my partner and I were homeless for a few years, making our way from shelter to shelter. It was through that experience that I grew with him, and we decided to seal the deal in 2010 by getting married. We eventually got an apartment together.

It wasn’t be until 2011 that I  really got the chance to personally grow thanks to Earthlinks. Having no choice but to step out of my shell, I got right into my biggest passion with making jewelry in the Workshop! I even had the pleasure of helping to run several CommunityLinks events. With the recommendation of a staff member , I was  proud to step into the role of a board member on EarthLinks board of directors. I was incredibly nervous but hey, I’m on my second term already.

Aside from being involved with Earthlinks, I’ve been encouraged to engage with my community more. I take part in an annual Pagan fair where people literally flock to my booth for my jewelry! It’s part of the works but in a year’s time I might be on the planning committee for the next fair. As of lately I’ve been so proud to see the Participant Leadership Program take off since I had the responsibility of writing the grant and helping to get the program funded. After just a couple of meetings, it’s inspiring to see my peers contributing to the bigger picture of Earthlinks’ mission and what ways we can push our community forward. Looking back at my experiences, I think the best way to describe my life is living in the moment with a plan, but that could just be the Aquarius  in me.