Community Links is a monthly community program designed to connect people and the planet through learning, building, sustaining, and growing together! Join us on the Second Thursday of each month for educational homesteading workshops,  garden tours, and shopping in the EarthLinks Store. Community Links promotes garden-based skills for sustainable urban lifestyles. Events feature experts and participants of EarthLinks, as well as leaders from the local community, coming together to build community and share wisdom.

Community Links 2016 Workshop Schedule:

$10-20 suggested donation for all workshops.
All events located at EarthLinks, 2746 W 13th Ave., Denver, CO 80204.
Topics/details subject to change. Stay tuned for more details throughout the year!

January 3rd: TOPICS

February 14th: Food as Resistance

Feb 13, 2016       10am – 12pm 

FOOD as Resistance

Sloane Smith EarthLinks’ GSSW Intern

A morning reflection on commodity and consumption. Join us for an interactive discussion around the legacy of colonization in the food we consume today. Sloane Smith will facilitate a conversation around reclaiming and honoring our histories, our stories, and our traditions through de colonized eating practices. Refreshments will be served

($15 suggested donation)

Call to reserve your spot 303-389-0085


March 14th: Cancelled

Thursday,  April 14th: Food Waste, Food Rescue & Vermicomposting 

Thursday, April 14, 2016 5:30 – 7 PM

Amy Moore-Shipley, The Denver Food Rescue Carol Maclennan, Master Gardener

Did you know that enough food goes to waste in the U.S. to feed every hungry person in our country? Where does that food go? And what can I do about it? Learn about food waste on the national level and how this connects with food insecurity and injustice in our country, and hear about some awesome and creative solutions to food waste that are happening right here in Denver! And then get your hands dirty (or not) to learn about how you can prevent your food waste from filling the landfill! All you need is a dark corner and a few happy worms!

Amy Moore-Shipley is an alternative food systems and music community advocate in Denver, Colorado. After studying music and veterinary nursing she left animal medicine to study mass communication and sociology at the University of Colorado. Since graduation she has worked with The Colorado Symphony, Slow Food Denver, The American Grassfed Association, and Denver Food Rescue. In her spare time she enjoys yoga, biking, and supporting the Denver music scene, bringing along her Pomeranian Moke whenever possible.

Instructor Carol Maclennan has been creating “black gold” with worms for more than 20 years. Her workshop will include: Benefits of vermicompost, how to make simple worm bins, feeding, caring and harvesting your worms. This workshop will teach the basics of composting with worms – an inexpensive, low labor and low maintenance way to create a rich soil amendment year round.  Vermicompost (worm “castings”) is a ready-to-use, slow release organic fertilizer that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants.

Increasingly, research is proving it to be highly nutritive and a more powerful growth promoter than conventional composts. Studies are also showing that it protects plants from pests and diseases. Unique among composting methods, vermicomposting can be done as easily in an apartment or a house with a yard because it requires little space,  and it is clean. The worms feedstock can consist solely of kitchen scraps.

2746 W 13th Avenue   Denver, CO 80204 RSVP: 303-389-0085

($10-15 suggested donation)

Friday, May 20th: Plant & Garden Sale (Sneek Peek) Saturday, May 21st: 9 am – 3 pm

Join us for EarthLinks’ Plant & Garden Sale! Shop for organically grown flowers, herb, and vegetable seedlings. Pick up beautiful flowers, veggies, herbs, and other plants for you garden, all grown by participants and volunteers of the EarthLinks Workshop Program.

Also view our hand-crafted gifts made in our Workshop Program which includes cards, candles, vases, skin care products, honey, bee boxes and much more.

Laura Matthews is a Certified Clinical Herbalist specializing in women’s health, pediatric care and cancer. Laura’s approach towards optimal health is holistic and integrative, by combining plants, healing touch and correct posture.

Laura will be conducting herbal education talks on Saturday at the EarthLinks’ Plant & Garden sale.

          2746 W 13th Avenue   Denver, CO 80204

Thursday, June 9th: Beer Tasting Garden Party

 Our Garden Party event is the perfect opportunity to sample a variety of tasty home brewed beers made possible by friends of EarthLinks. Once you’ve taken a few sips, you’ll get the chance to cast your vote for your favorite brew! The $20 donation includes beer tastings and voting, a silent auction featuring awesome stuff from your favorite local breweries and distilleries, dinner from Chipotle, viewing and an option to purchase original art at the Participant’s Art Show and the oh-so-competitive Paper Airplane Game!

Suggested donation $20 ($25 at the door unless you ride your bike!) 

6 – 8 pm     EarthLink’s Gardens  2746 W 13th Avenue   Denver, CO 80204 To fill it out form, visit:

Thursday, July 9th: Water -Wise Gardening with Connie Rayor Water Rights  with Steve Synder of Denver Water Learn about the challenges facing water in the West, hear from Steve Snyder of Denver Water, about some of the current research and possible regional ramifications of climate change. Then, learn how to conserve water in your home garden with easy tips from Connie Raynor, a local gardener with expertise in how to save water in our hot summer sun. Leave with a broad understanding of the challenges we face in the West when it comes to this basic necessity, and what actions you can take today to have an impact on our future with water.

2746 W 13th Avenue   Denver, CO 80204 RSVP: 303-389-0085

($10-15 suggested donation)

No matter where you live, pollinators play a vital role in what you eat and the plant life you see. The good news is that all of us can help conserve habitat for these fascinating and important creatures. Amy will discuss what bees, butterflies and other pollinators need and how some simple changes to the landscape can make a home for them.

Suggested donation $15




Thursday, August 11th: Cocktails & Candles 5:30 – 7:00 PM   CANCELLED

Come join me for a Wine and Flower Bowl night. Sip some wine, and create your own artistic bowl. Meet participants who will be on hand to guide and encourage. Bring friends and enjoy an evening of fun!

Take a tour and see how beneficial EarthLinks is to Denver and all involved.

Cost is only $45 per person, and includes the wine, cheese and materials. 2746 W 13th Avenue Denver, CO 80204

RSVP: 303-389- 0085

Please RSVP: or Call: 303-389- 0085


September 10th:

Thursday, October 13th: Eating Bugs – Edible Insects

Why and how you can eat and raise this sustainable food! Learn why edible insects are both a future food and one that humanity has been eating since the beginning of human existence. Beyond creepy crawlies, bugs that are edible bring solid nutrition and use vastly less resources to produce the same amount of food when compared to traditional livestock. In fact edible insects, cousins to shellfish, are already eaten regularly by 2 billion people around the world (according to the UN) and scientists think insects were the first non-plant food eaten by people and apes alike.  Raising crickets or meal worms is easy at home, too.

Join Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch’s CEO/Founder, Wendy Lu McGill, for a lively discussion about why and how you can add delicious, nutritious edible insects to your diet. Sample some tasty food made with crickets, meal worms and cricket powder, and learn how to raise your own “micro livestock” easily and cheaply at home! When else can you raise something that both you and backyard chickens can eat

About Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch

Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch is Colorado’s first and only edible insect farm, raising crickets for wholesale to restaurants and food manufactures. We also carry a full line of edible insect products from certified producers, including cricket powder.

Learn more at

November 14th: TBD


December 9 & 10th: 5th Annual Holiday Open House & Sale

Every December, we turn the EarthLinks workshop and offices into a winter wonderland of Earth-friendly gifts at the Annual Holiday Open House & Sale!

We’re very excited to announce that our fifth annual Holiday Open House, a community holiday celebration and “buy local” gift market, will be held on Friday, Dec 9 at  12:30 – 6:30 pm and Saturday, December 10th from 9:00 am to 3:00 PM.  EarthLinks’ craft workshop is located at: 2746 W 13th Avenue in Denver  80204.

EarthLinks staff and board members will be on hand to visit over tea and snacks, live music and participants from the EarthLinks Workshop Program – adults who are currently or formerly homeless – look forward to this opportunity to present their beautiful,  Earth-friendly craft products for purchase as one of a kind holiday gifts with a mission.

We hope you’ll join us for this festive event and bring your friends, too!

Click here for more information and to RSVP!

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