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Let’s see how far our EarthLinks’ bees will make it! Bees are so important to our environment and food supply. We take pride in the bee hives we care for in our Peace Garden and without our little friends, we wouldn’t be able to grow the incredible flowers, herbs, and food that we provide for our community. Unfortunately over the years bee populations have been dwindling due to habitat loss and pesticide use.

In the span of just seven years, the United States saw an approximate average rate of 1.6 million bees die off each year, totalling ten million bees.

We need your help to raise awareness so that people in the United States and all over can see how much we need bees, but most importantly how much the bees need us now.  By raising awareness of this crisis we can stop these destructive behaviors and cultivate an environment that allows bees to thrive!   

Come by EarthLinks to pick up your bee postcard and post it online with #BEEearthlinks. Make sure to pass your bee on to someone you know, and that they can pass it on. Please contact us if you would like our postcard bees mailed out to you, free of charge. We only need a mailing address, an email or phone call to the office is the best way to reach us!



Come by to pick up your EarthLinks Bee Postcards at :
2746 W 13th Ave

Denver, Colorado, CO 80204

Email: info@earthlinks-colorado.org

Phone: 303.389.0085


Fill out the form and we send the postcards to you.