John’s Story

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John’s Story

John came to EarthLinks, a Veteran with health and addiction issues. He was homeless and isolated. Within five years, John walked out of EarthLinks sober and on the way to stable housing. He had done it!

John continued to come back to EarthLinks during winter months to help with snow removal, riding over on a fixed-up bike that was donated to EarthLinks. He’d help out on special projects if it didn’t interfere with his full-time job. But a week ago John stopped by and said he would not be coming this winter. We were concerned. Was something wrong?

What he said next validated the very existence of EarthLinks’ mission.
John could not help out this winter because his job had become even more demanding and he was moving into a new, more expensive apartment that he could now afford. John was fully back in control of his life. He had done it again!

John accepted our congratulations and then pushed his bike forward. He wanted to leave the bike for someone else at EarthLinks to use. John knew that there were many more people in the EarthLinks community who still needed help getting back on their feet.

Thank you for making John’s story possible. With your generosity, EarthLinks was able to support John in finding housing and developing the necessary job skills he needed to become reintegrated into society. By helping EarthLinks, you have given John the chance at a new life.
Give someone else that chance right now.


As John made sure to give back his bike for someone else to use, you too can give back today and help end homelessness. With your generous donation, EarthLinks can continue to create success stories like John’s and most importantly, give hope for the holidays.

With your help, more people’s lives can change like John’s did.

Mark your Calendars! Colorado Gives Day is December 4th! EarthLinks will receive a small addition to every dollar donated that day.

Support EarthLinks in reaching our goal of $20,000!
Donations can be made through here or  Colorado Gives. org
*Any donations of $250 or more qualifies for the
25% DEZ Colorado State Income Tax Credit