Kendra Gives Back Party

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Kendra Gives Back Party

Thank you for supporting

Kendra Gives Back Party

Held on July 14, 2018
Cherry Creek North
175 Fillmore Street   Denver, CO 80206

20% of all purchases will benefit EarthLinks.

You do good.

Three small words became the inspiration behind the dream that would change my life forever…

As a young mom, I began designing my first jewelry collection 15 years ago with $500 and a dream. I wanted to build a fashion brand that put family first, pushed the boundaries of fashion and quality design, and above all stood behind the importance of giving back. The three core pillars of Family, Fashion, and Philanthropy gave my company a firm foundation that allowed us to grow into a successful fashion and lifestyle brand that stands apart from the rest. As a mother, a designer, and founder of a company made of 98% women, I am honored to say I built a business that is doing something good in the world through our beautiful designs.

Kendra Scott
Founder & CEO