Sam’s Story

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Sam’s Story

Sam was a carpenter for thirty years. It was all he knew but he could not do it forever. He suffered from carpal tunnel in his left hand so bad that he would wake up with his fingers wrapped tight in a fist, as if still holding his hammer. His knees were getting worn out too. And then he broke his back. Sam who had been a carpenter for thirty years, could no longer do it.

Sam had difficulties finding another job he qualified for or that his overworked body could stand to carry out. One thing led to another and Sam became homeless. But after several years of living out of a van, Sam’s situation changed. A relative offered him some space in his apartment.  Finally, out of the cold, Sam was able to dream of a future that was not just centered on day-to-day survival. Sam told his new neighbor, “I want to make a garden one day.” The next morning she brought him to EarthLinks. Sam has been here ever since. “Now I’ve got a big garden,” he says.

Sam believes that EarthLinks was able to give him a sense of purpose. He has worked for many years in our garden, but just recently he became head of the Wood workshop. After giving his body time to heal, Sam is back doing what he has always known. He has major responsibility in directing and creating carpentry projects ranging from our wooden wall vases and Mason Bee Boxes to our much larger Top Bar Beehives.  And, there are new products on the horizon.

Sam’s story is a success story that you have made possible. With your generous donations, EarthLinks was able to support Sam to the fullest and provide him with the freedom to revisit his creativity as a carpenter. You have allowed Sam to heal and you have helped him find a community that surrounds him with support and care. I asked Sam what was one thing he would want to tell people about EarthLinks. He took a minute to think and said “It does what it says – community ends isolation. I have a tendency to isolate” he paused and smiled, “EarthLinks kinda changes that for some reason.”

By giving today, you can offer someone else the chance to come out of isolation. With your help, EarthLinks can change homelessness this holiday.