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The Coffee Shop and Store
Virtual Tour Stop #1 


Welcome to the EarthLinks coffee shop and store! This is the first stop of our virtual tour. At EarthLinks, our mission is to cultivate transformation and self-worth within people experiencing homelessness and economic poverty. We create opportunities through Earth-centered work programs, helping individuals step out of isolation and into community—restoring each other and the planet.

We operate a Social Enterprise Workshop program, where about 60 participants earn a small stipend for their work in our garden and creative workshop. We design and create earth-friendly products made from recycled materials. Take a look around the store and you will see the variety of products we create. We have a woodshop where we create mason bee boxes out of recycled wood, such as old fence posts that people donate to us. We press the flowers grown in our garden and incorporate them on our cards, bookmarks, and candles. We create body products such as lotions, lip balms, soaps and more with all natural ingredients. Lastly, participants design jewelry made from old bike tires, recycled cans, and license plates.  

Here at EarthLinks, we are trying to care for our Earth and when people purchase our products, they are supporting our participants directly. The money we make by selling our products goes back to the participants in the form of a monthly stipend. We believe that, for members of our community working towards improved mental health and wholeness in their lives, the feeling of belonging and acceptance brings encouragement on the road to recovery.  

NEXT STEPS: Walk out of the store and take a right onto 13th Avenue. Walk towards the gated entrance of the fence, which is covered in grapevines. Enter through the gate and turn to the right. You will find the next stop in the Sensory Garden! 

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