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About the EarthLinks Workshop Program

The EarthLinks Workshop is a social-enterprise program where participants who are unhoused and low-income do organic gardening and create sustainable goods, and are paid an hourly stipend for their work. Participants work weekly in our Peace Garden and craft workshop, and set and work toward achieving personal goals, such as acquiring housing, staying in recovery, pursuing education, or working on personal relationships.

These invigorating activities, which drive self-esteem and motivation, are paired with professional case management services. These services guide participants through the process of meeting their basic needs for food, housing, and other necessities.  
EarthLinks offers a range of activities for Participants to connect with nature and have fun while doing it. 


Participants maintain eight beehives, working to understand these important pollinators and harvest beeswax & honey for our products. 



Participants are given the opportunity to travel to beautiful sights along the front range. 



Participants care for our Red Wiggler Worms and work with them to make compost for our garden. 



Individuals in the Workshop Program


Hours of engagement in the Program


Pounds of produce harvested


Beehives maintained


Earned by Participants 


Day bus passes disbursed




person holding bin of kale
person holding bin of kale

7,222+ Earth-friendly products created

We all need to be connected to one another and to the Earth Community in order to be whole. The interface with nature and the creative process is centering and healing, offering inner peace and balance, which benefit us all. For members of our community working toward improved mental health and wholeness in their lives, the feeling of belonging and acceptance brings encouragement on the road to recovery.

In Workshop, participants steward an organic garden and craft artisan products from sustainable materials. The products are sold in the EarthLinks storefront or online and proceeds are returned to participants as stipends for their work. To find and maintain secure housing and to meet other basic needs, participants have full, onsite access to professional case-management, peer-support, and housing placement services. All working and learning takes place alongside a supportive community of peers.

Our program uses evidence-based methods and a housing-first mentality, anchored in community stewardship of our inspiring urban garden in Denver, Colorado. 

Interested in joining?

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Pam's Testimonial

"I love being around all of the growth and the nature at EarthLinks, it’s an electricity in a way, it gives off its own energy, so I come here and suck it all in because downtown there is not much at all, I come here to recharge. I’m proud to say that I work here, I represent. EarthLinks is more than just a garden- it’s family, it’s support, it’s people who love me even when I didn’t love myself, and my family didn’t at that point either. I wouldn’t be where I am without this community, I don’t even know if I would be alive."

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