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Community Ends Isolation

EarthLinks is a social-enterprise nonprofit located in the Sun Valley neighborhood of Denver that creates Earth-centered programming for people experiencing homelessness and economic poverty. EarthLinks program participants are given a safe, peaceful space to foster empowerment, resilience, and collectivity while also sustaining the planet. Together, we care for each other and for Earth.


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The EarthLinks team is growing!
Get to know our staff members: 

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Cultivating Life

At EarthLinks, everything we do benefits people and the planet. Through our micro-enterprise Workshop Program, Participants who are experiencing homelessness and low income earn a stipend for their work in the garden and creative workshop. 

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Harvesting Creativity

Participants create Earth-friendly crafts, art and or products while benefiting from skills development, increased accountability, and goal setting. These invigorating activities, which drive self-esteem and motivation, are paired with professional case management services.

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EarthLinks' Commitment to Black Lives

For 27 years, EarthLinks has espoused inclusivity – finding connection in all things, from our cosmic connection to all other matter to our interconnectedness to all things on our planet — human, animal, plants, soil.

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Land Acknowledgement

EarthLinks would like to acknowledge and thank the original inhabitants of Colorado;  recognize the role that colonization has played in our history; and take a more active role in the process of decolonization and healing for all.

EarthLinks Fence

Support our mission to cultivate transformation and self-worth with people experiencing homelessness and poverty.

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