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Congratulations to the winners of Seed Madness:


~Top Seed Winners 2022~

A huge thanks goes out to all of our supporters who made donations and helped us raise a total of


What is Seed Madness?

Seed Madness is a competitive style fundraiser with ten different teams consisting of Participants, staff and board members, interns, and volunteers vying to win the honorary title of the “Top Seed” and a special prize. EarthLinks supporters will work diligently for three weeks in March to raise points for their teams, and the team with the most points by April 1st at 8pm will become the winner. Every Monday we will list the team standings. Check our Facebook, Instagram, and email newsletters to get real-time updates. 

This years Top Seed Winners are the Sage Sisters! Congrats to all the teams for their hard work and great sportsmanship.
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How do I earn points for a team?
1. Make a monetary donation
The first way to earn points is to make a monetary donation via check or online via the Colorado Gives website. If you don’t have a team, go ahead and pick the one that stands out to you the most!
$1 = 2 points
Monthly donors earn 4 points per $1!
Write the team name on your check, or follow these instructions to donate via Colorado Gives:
  • Go to EarthLinks' page on Colorado Gives:

  • In the "Make a Donation" box, choose "One Time" or "Recurring" donation

  • Enter donation amount

  • Below the donation amount, click "Direct your donation to a program" 

  • From the drop down menu, click the team you want to put your donation towards!

  • Hit continue to make your donation.

2. Donate Items to Workshop
The second way to earn points is to bring in items that are needed to make products, and the list of their point values are below.
  • Empty glass jar between 4oz - 12oz  = 10 points each 
  • Dried avocado pits = 5 points each 
  • Colorado license plate *cleaned* = 50 points each 
  • Out of state license plate *cleaned* = 100 points each 
  • Beads = 25 points per ounce 
  • White sewing thread = 40 points per spool
3. Dress the theme of the week
This applies to players only
Dressing up = 15 points
3. Interact with our social media


You must tag EarthLinks! Include your team name in a caption or post, or email a screenshot of your post/repost to with your team name. Here are the ways in which you can interact with us online:

  • Check in at the coffee shop on Facebook = 10 points 

  • Repost one of our posts on your FB or Instagram story = 5 points 

  • Post about EarthLinks = 30 points 

  • Give us a Google review and email a screenshot with you team name  = 20 points 

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