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Thank you for helping us surpass our goal! We raised over $6,000 this Seed Madness season!

What is Seed Madness?

Seed Madness is a competitive style fundraiser with eight different teams consisting of Participants, staff and board members, interns, and volunteers vying to win the honorary title of the “Top Seed” and a special prize. EarthLinks supporters will work diligently for three weeks in March to raise points for their teams, and the team with the most points by April 3rd at 4pm will become the winner. Every Monday we will list the team standings. Check our Facebook, Instagram, and email newsletters to get real-time updates. 
What is Seed Madnss
Final Ranking:
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Gorgeous Grapes
Sage Siblings
Terrific Tomatoes
Current Ranking:
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Meet the Teams
How do I earn points for a team?
1. Make a monetary donation
The first way to earn points is to make a monetary donation via check or online. If you don’t have a team, go ahead and pick the one that stands out to you the most!
$1 = 2 points
Monthly donors earn 4 points per $1!
Increasing existing monthly donations earns 5 points per $1!
2. Donate Items to Workshop
The second way to earn points is to bring in items that are needed to make products and support our garden. Specifics about the items needed can be found here.
Supplies, 25 points: (minimum amount)
  • Funky glass jar containers, between 4oz - 12oz (1)
  • Paint brushes (6)
  • Clean translucent jugs (1)
  • Aluminum Cans with designs (3)
Plants, 50 points:
  • Cuttings of house plants (1)
  • Seeds of drought hardy perennials (1 packet or bag of seeds) 
list of plants can be found here
Potting, 75 points:
  • Decorative pots (1)
  • Hanging pots (1)
3. Dress the theme of the week
This applies to players only
Dressing up = 15 points
Best dressed of the day = 10 points
4. Interact with our social media


You must tag EarthLinks! Include your team name in a caption or post, or email a screenshot of your post/repost to with your team name.

Instagram (@earthlinks) & Facebook (@earthlinks.colorado)

Here are the ways in which you can interact with us online:

  • Like a team post = 5 points

  • Repost an EarthLinks story = 5 points

  • Check in at the coffee shop on Facebook = 10 points 

  • Post about EarthLinks = 30 points 

5. Come to the Coffee Shop 

When you come to the coffee shop, you can cast your vote for a team and round up the amount on your purchase to support! 

Coffee Shop Vote = 2.5 points

Coffee Shop Monetary Donation = 5 points

How to earn points
Donation Item Banner.png
Donation ex list
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Stay Up to Date

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