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EarthLinks Coffee & Gifts

About the EarthLinks Coffee Shop

EarthLinks Coffee Shop is an environmentally conscious coffee shop and an outlet for individuals with barriers to traditional employment to gain experience, make meaningful connections, and maintain steady, consistent work. Additionally, when you make a purchase at the coffee shop, 100% goes directly back into supporting the Workshop Program
2746 W 13th Ave, Denver CO 80204

Monday -Friday, 8am-2pm 

Due to construction in the area, please call ahead to confirm hours for the day: 303-389-0085. We appreciate your understanding.


Looking for a job in a community focused, positive environment? Apply to be an EarthLinks Barista & Salesperson! 

Founded in 2017, and based in the mountains of Evergreen Colorado, Bivouac Coffee Company seeks to decrease the environmental impact of global coffee production through specialization in craft natural coffee processing, regenerative organic farming techniques, direct trade and sustainable roasting practice. 
Coffee Beans


Partners in sustainably produced, delicious coffee. 

desert sun.png
Located in Durango, Colorado, Desert Sun is certified organic and 100% fair-trade coffee roastery. Through their 23-member co-op, Desert Sun builds relationships directly with farmers to ensure ethical, healthy production. 
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Chupacabra, Chorizo, Veggie & Bonasaurus (Vegan)

Made local in Golden, CO, these burritos are sure to become your new favorite breakfast. Served hot!

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