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Spring Plant & Garden Sale
Thanks for supporting us in Spring 2022!

 We host a Plant and Garden Sale every spring. In 2022, we sold over 5,000+ herbs, veggie, and flower seedlings. Thank you to all who came out to support. The sales from this event help to financially support the EarthLinks Workshop Program.   

Plant Sale dates:

2023 -TBD

Location: 2746 W 13th Avenue, Denver CO



Our products range from small seedlings to large flowering plants. Prices vary between $2 to $10 depending on plant size and type. Large houseplants and perennials are up to $25.

Seedlings in Pots


Herbs, vegetables, and flowers, oh my! EarthLinks has it all - and each plant has been grown with care by folks experiencing homelessness in Denver.



Check out our storefront to browse our selection of houseplants, including succulents, pothos, spider plants, and more. Don't forget to pick up a drinks at the coffee shop too! 

Grab a drink!

During the sale, the EarthLinks Coffee Shop will be open. Enjoy a handcrafted beverage while you shop around for plants and our other handmade products. 

Organically Grown

EarthLinks has taken great care and intention to grow seeds from businesses and farms whose values align with ours. These businesses and small scale farms are pollinator-friendly, bio-regionally appropriate, and open source/open pollinated where possible. 

 Click below to learn more about where we got our seeds:
Siskiyou Seeds, Grand Prismatic Seeds, Seed Savers Exchange , Uprising Seeds , Strictly Medicinals , High Desert Seeds, and Floret Flowers Farms 

Want to volunteer? Click here for more information.
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Plants for Sale
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