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The House
Virtual Tour Stop #7

Welcome to the House! This is where a majority of our body products are made. Doesn’t it smell so good?!

EarthLinks reuses and repurposes materials in the products made in the social-enterprise Workshop program. The goal of these beautifully crafted products is twofold; to offer EarthLinks participants a creative outlet and a source of small financial support, as well as to promote sustainability through consciously-crafted products.


All our products have a foundation of sustainability, either in their purpose or in their production. Beeswax from our on-site apiary serves as the base of our body products, repurposed bike tires turn into artfully crafted jewelry, and the flowers from our garden are pressed and used in the design of our candles. We cherish and elevate the idea of circular systems, which both care for our environment and care for our communities.  

Stats from 2021: 

  • 7,078+ Earth-friendly products created 

  • $62,800 Earned income from sales of sustainable, participant-made products 

soap being poured into molds

Next Steps: Walk out of the House and take a left. Take another left to go through the breezeway between the two buildings. Walk through the back lot and on the right side you will find our compost station.

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