Imagine! Is our signature fundraiser of the year. Every fall, we come together and celebrate the EarthLinks community.

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Imagine! was held on September 9th this year!

We held Imagine!, our annual fundraiser and gala event, on Thursday, September 9th at the Grant Humphreys Mansion. This years event featured amazing food, drinks, music, and a poetry performance. Thanks to our sponsors, volunteers, staff, and attendees it was a major success!

Foundress Award Winners 

Since 2010 it has been a tradition at our Imagine! event each year to honor individuals and groups who have contributed in a deep way to supporting EarthLinks with our Foundress Awards. This year the awards were presented by EarthLinks foundresses; Bette Ann Jaster, a Dominican Sister of Hope, and Cathy Mueller, a Sister of Loretto.

Sisters of St. Francis of Penance and Christian Charity

The “Marycrest Sisters” have supported EarthLinks for many years, serving with the Foundresses in the early years and continuing to engage with the EarthLinks community. The Sisters follow the way of St. Francis, caring for Earth and all creatures awhile caring for the “little ones”. Their model of shared leadership and collaboration to discern ways to respond to the changing needs of God’s people in a graced and fragile world speaks deeply to EarthLinks.


                                                        The Sisters of St. Francis have used their campus to provide medical care for the underserved and affordable housing including; co-housing models, home ownership through Habitat for Humanity, housing with supportive services, and affordable rental housing. The Sisters’ Earthcare Retreats for EarthLinks Participants have been popular and their prayers and financial support have been invaluable.  We were pleased to present the 2021 Foundress’ Award to the Sisters of St. Francis who make our world a better place.

Sprung Construction

Tom Sprung first met EarthLinks in 2014 when Dana Crawford reached out to him to participate in a “think tank” to talk about EarthLinks’ new location in Sun Valley. Sprung has been a valuable resource to EarthLinks ever since. When we couldn’t finalize the permit for our Workshop space rehab in 2017 since we still needed some final construction matters finished. Tom sent a worker over the next day and completed the work over the holiday all free of charge. When we couldn’t finalize some plumbing and electrical issues for our coffee bar (and a myriad of honey-dos), Sprung Construction sent one of their construction supers to complete the work. As we opened up the first Safe Outdoor Space at First Baptist Church of Denver last December, providing a warm space became a major issue. Heating the staff trailer with propane was inefficient and costing $1,000 per week, so Sprung Construction delivered a construction trailer for us to use for free until the site closed in June. In gratitude for their kindness, EarthLinks was proud to award the 2021 Foundress’ Award to Sprung Construction.

A Word of Thanks

We are so grateful for the continued support that we receive from our sponsors, volunteers, staff, and Imagine attendees. We raised over $100,000, surpassing our goals for 2021! Funds raised from this event will support programming that helps the most vulnerable among us to stabilize their lives, find community, and connect with nature.

As we look towards the future we see the continued need to support folks on the margins, so we are investing in redeveloping our property to create permanent supportive housing for low-income residents. We truly appreciate your support in continuing to create a place where those experiencing homelessness can find help, comfort, fulfillment, and community.


Thank you to our 2021 Imagine! event sponsors.


Imagine! 2021 Video

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