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Rain Barrels

Rain Barrels are not available for sale at this time.

Purchasing a rain barrel from EarthLinks not only adds a one-of-a-kind piece of art to your yard, it can also save you money on your utility bill and reduce pollution in rivers and streams. Rain barrels prevent pollution by filtering water through soil rather than running off paved surfaces – collecting pollutants along the way. By using rain water in your garden, you may also improve the health of your plants by reducing the amount of chemically-treated water that you use.

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What is rainwater harvesting?

It is the collection and storage of rain, usually from rooftops.  Storage is done in barrels or tanks. A little bit of rainwater on the roof goes a long way. Just 1 inch of rainfall on a typical roof (about 1000 square feet) will collect just over 600 gallons of water! 


Rain is what replenishes Earth’s natural ground water supply -- that is, if it is allowed to go back into the ground.  With miles of cement and pavement in our neighborhoods, much of the rain water runs back into the storm sewers and does not make it to the ground water supply. 


Note: Laws on rain collection vary by state and locality.  At this time, rain collection is legal in Colorado for residents who can install 2 – 55 gallon rain barrels per property.  Certain developments and those with wells can have additional rainwater storage.

Good for people.

Good for the planet.

Each rain barrel is hand-painted by an EarthLinks Program Participant. Participants earn additional income and get to explore their creative talents when painting a barrel. Every participant has unique talents and skills they bring to the EarthLinks community. We believe that by providing a safe space for them to express their artistic side and opportunities to show the outside community what they can do is fundamental to ending feelings of isolation.

four hands painting
person smiling and painting rain barrel

How can I purchase one?

Rain barrels are not available at this time. We appreciate your understanding! 

What is included?

Included in your rain barrel purchase is a filter basket, an adjustable overflow pipe, a bulkhead, and a lead-free spigot to which you can attach your own hose.


Under current law, anyone in Colorado who owns a house or townhouse with four units or less can utilize up to two rain barrels with 110 gallons of combined storage.

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