About Us

EarthLinks is a community of people who care for each other and for the planet. Our community is made up of people who have experienced or are presently experiencing homelessness.

What We Do

We provide a work program for people who are homeless and low-income to learn skills and create Earth-friendly products that sustain the people and the planet.

How You Can Help

Volunteer your time in our workshop, garden, or at a sale. Make a purchase: Our Earth-friendly products are available at various sales, in our showroom and online. Give through your workplace. Donate Now or send a check or gift card.

Our Products: Harvesting Creativity

Our participants create our line of sustainable products. When you support us by purchasing the Earth-friendly fruits of our labor, you are completing the circle by sustaining Earth and helping another on the road to wholeness.

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Bee Works Soap

Tangerine Orange EarthLinks’ vegetarian cold-process soaps are handcrafted using...

Mason Bee Boxes

EarthLinks’ Mason Bee Boxes aren’t just for decorating your garden —...

Flower Bowls

An All Time Favorite! EarthLinks Flower Bowls are adorned with pressed flowers and...