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Virtual Tour Stop #6

Welcome to the Workshop! *Please to do not enter while Workshop is occurring** 

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The EarthLinks Workshop is a social-enterprise program where participants who are homeless and low-income do organic gardening and create Earth-friendly products, and are paid an hourly stipend for their work. Participants work weekly in our Peace Garden and craft workshop, and set and work toward achieving personal goals, such as acquiring housing, staying in recovery, pursuing education, or working on personal relationships.  

Workshop takes place Tuesday-Friday morning from 9:30 to 11:30 AM. We serve a warm breakfast beforehand to promote community and healthy food access. After breakfast, we begin reflection. Participants, staff, and volunteers can share a poem, video, song, or other activity to start the day. These reflections often bring up conversations about topics such as social justice, mental health, or building relationships. These reflections help to bring the community together with a shared understanding of our unique life experiences and perspectives. After reflection, official workshop begins! Participants are given the opportunity to try new skills as often as they would like. Many participants find an activity they enjoy and become a master in that skill!  

Participants in our program have access to two licensed social workers and social work interns. In 2016, 60% of our workshop participants obtained and maintained a stable form of housing. We focus heavily on goal setting and encourage participants to set self-determined goals for themselves. For many this is housing, but can also include personal wellness, relationships and so on. 80% were able to accomplish a goal within 6 months in the program. 

Stats from 2021: 

  • 59 Individuals participated in 2021 

  • 3,845 Hours of engagement 

  • $30,758 Earned by participants 

  • 16,455 Day bus passes disbursed 

  • 1,770+ Breakfasts served 

  • 7,078+ Earth-friendly products created

  • $62,800 Earned income from sales of sustainable, participant-made products 

Next Steps: Walk towards the smaller yellow building next to the Workshop. Scan the code on the door for more information! 

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